The Stamped Concrete Process

 An inspection of the site and preparation before work begins. 

Asphalt is removed and disposed of.  Excavation begins for preparation of form work. 

 Form work has been completed and gravel has been placed. 

Gravel has been graded and compacted. 

Reinforcement is installed and site is left clean and ready for concrete placement. 

Concrete is placed and finished accordingly.  Here, colours have been added and the desired finish is almost complete for stamped concrete. 

The final finish is complete and the concrete surface is ready  to have the dark release powder applied.  This is so the stamps do not  stick to the concrete surface during the stamping process and so that detail is left throughout the stamped concrete, leaving the desired  "antique" look. 

The concrete stamping is complete.  The surface must now harden and cure enough for parging and washing. 

Vertical surfaces are washed to apply texturing, such as on the "bullnose" and riser of this step.  This is called the parging process. 

After the parging has cured the entire surface is now swept and ready for power washing which will expose the colours of the concrete  surface. 

After power washing, the concrete surface must dry for the application of concrete sealer. 

Sealer has been applied and the final product has been  delivered.  Homeowners must wait 48 hrs for light traffic.  Afterwards,  the site is ready for the homeowner to re-landscape and decorate as desired. 

The customer is left with durable and beautiful stamped concrete that they can enjoy and appreciate for years to come.