Coronavirus Company Procedures

Renovacrete is taking our current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously.  We are aware that there is a great deal of much needed concern with the public regarding viral transfer.  That is why at Renovacrete we will be doing our best to mitigate the spreading of all viruses using various forms:

  • First and foremost, social distancing will be utilized throughout the procedure.  Meaning workers will try and maintain a safe distance from each other and the client, and all estimates can be done without the client being in direct contact with the estimator.  If the client would rather give a simple drawing with measurements to base the estimate on, we would be happy to accommodate that at Renovacrete.  However, should the client want to be present or get ideas from the estimator, this can be accomplished at a distance of greater than 2 metres, through a window to communicate, or over the phone with the potential client watching from inside the location.
  • Furthermore, all documentation, such as quotes or Contracts will be sent via email to eliminate a paper trail of potential contaminants.
  • Our entire staff is performing its civic duty by not only participating in government mandates, but by going further, to isolate themselves to their homes as much as possible and avoiding external contact.
  • The on-site work force will be limited where possible.  Throughout most of the procedure only 2 - 4 workers are needed to be present.  Only during concrete pours will that number be between 4 - 8.
  • Hand washing and sanitizers will be utilized when possible.
  • Any worker that starts to feel symptomatic will stay home and follow government protocol.
  • Clients and potential clients are also asked to do their part by maintaining a minimum 2 metre distance at all times and to delay any estimates or projects if they are feeling symptomatic.  Please communicate with us at Renovacrete if any health changes do occur within your family unit so we can also keep our staff and their family safe.  Clients are urged to follow government procedures as well.

At Renovacrete, we feel that work can carry on for the time being.  However, we must all do our part to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Following government regulations and utilizing proper sanitary techniques will help reduce the spread of all viruses.  We wish everyone all the best throughout this difficult time and hope people stay healthy.  Let's get through this together.


Rick Dias